Pineapple - Burns fat and tones the stomach.

Lemons - Alkalize and cleanse your liver.

Oranges - Helps sinus and respiratory issues.

Currants - Purify the blood and reduces anemia.

Apples - Prevent depression and reduce anxiety.

Blueberries - Balance blood sugar preventing hypoglycemia.

Sweet Potatoes - Help heal IBS and digestive issues.

Limes - Remove toxins from the body.

Cabbage - Helps reduce body fat.

Cherries - Strengthen the heart and circulatory system.

Cauliflower - Is helpful for asthma and kidney disorder.

Asian Pear - Helps remove radioactive toxins from your body.

Fennel - Soothes pain relievers cramps and spasm.

Melon - Hydrates the skin and nails.

Bananas - Have powerful anti viral properties.