2 cups Rolled Oats

1 1/2 cups Whole Milk

1 1/2 cups Plain Flour

1 tablespoons Baking Powder

1/2 teaspoon Salt

1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

1/2 cup light Brown Sugar

1/2 cup Unsalted Butter

1 teaspoon Vanilla

3/4 cup frozen Blueberries

  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Grease your donut pans.
  2. Mix oats and milk in a medium sized bowl. In a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients, making a well in the centre, stir in the liquid ingredients and the oatmeal mixture until just combined.
  3. Fill donut moulds to the top, and bake for 16-18 minutes until golden brown, Do not over bake.
  4. Let cool slightly.
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