Chilli Sauce 
6-8 large Red Chillies, roughly chopped
6 Garlic Cloves, roughly chopped
75g Ginger, roughly chopped
125mls Peanut Oil
1 teaspoon Brown Sugar
1 tablespoon light Soy Sauce

Stir Fried Potato with Chilli Sauce
2 tablespoons Chilli Sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons light Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon Malt Vinegar
1 teaspoon Brown Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Sesame Oil
2 tablespoons Peanut Oil
3 large Red Chillies, seeds removed, halved
650g Potatoes, peeled, halved and cut into 5mm thick slices
3 Red Shallots cut into eights (or equivalent using red onion)
2 tablespoons Shao Hsing Wine or Dry Sherry
Pinch Sichuan Pepper and Salt
Sichuan Pepper and Salt
1 tablespoon Sichuan Peppercorns
3 tablespoons Salt Flakes

  1. Chilli Sauce; Process chilli, garlic and ginger in a food processor until finely chopped.
  2. Heat oil in a wok until shimmering slightly. Reduce to low-medium, add chilli, garlic and ginger and cook, stirring regularly, for about 3 minutes.
  3. Add sugar and cook for 1 minute, stirring regularly so the sauce doesn't catch.
  4. Stir through soy sauce, reduce heat to low and cook, stirring, for 10 minutes, It will darken in colour and the oil will separate somewhat. It can be used immediately, or stored in the fridge for about it week.
  5. Stir Fried Potato; Combine chilli sauce with the next 4 ingredients and 2 tablespoons water.
  6. Set aside.
  7. Heat peanut oil in a hot wok until it shimmers slightly.
  8. Add halved chillies and cook for 30 seconds to blister and slightly blacken. Remove and drain on kitchen paper.
  9. Add potato to the wok (in the chilli oil), cook until lightly golden on both sides, turning occasionally.
  10. Add shallot/onion to the wok, toss to combine and cook for 2 minutes.
  11. Add wine or sherry and cook for approx. 1 minute
  12. Add chilli sauce mixture and cook for 3 minutes or until the potato is just tender. Transfer to a plate, garnish with blistered chillies and sprinkle over Sichuan pepper and salt.
  13. Sichuan Pepper and salt; Combine salt and pepper in a frying pan and dry roast over medium heat, tossing occasionally. When peppercorns begin to pop and become aromatic, approx. 1-2 minutes, take off the heat.
  14. Allow to cool and then coarsely grind using a mortar and pestle or spice grinder. It will store in a container for several weeks.

Serve as part of a banquet for 4-6 people, or with a side salad for 2 (with some left overs).

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