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After Dinner Snacking

There’s a lot of myth surrounding eating after dinner and that you shouldn’t but the simple fact is: calories affect your body the same way at any time of the day.

If you are legitimately hungry at night, it’s fine to have a small, nutritious snack. If you’re eating due to boredom, emotional triggers or if you’re snacking on empty calories, it’s unhealthy.Snacks should be kept to 420kj (100c).

Top picks for after dinner snack choices;

– 1 1/5 cups of plain popped popcorn
– Aeroplane Jelly Lite: one serve is massive and only 7 calories!
– Arnott’s Snack Right Fruit Pillows x2
– One serve of fruit

TIP: Drink a cup of tea with your snack (not caffeinated) and once you’re finished brush your teeth!