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Nutrition Tips

Eating vegetables is an incredibly important part of your daily nutrition, they provide sources of many nutrients (including potassium, fibre and vitamin A&C to name a few), helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Vegetables also help to keep eyes, skin, teeth and gums healthy. Some vegetables I recommend incorporating in your daily diet are;

• BROCCOLI: regulate blood pressure, bone health and prevention of osteoporosis

• CARROTS: improves vision, promotes healthier skin and cleanses the body

• CAPSICUM: boosts metabolism and strengthens immune system

• GREEN BEANS: maintains cell and body fluid, rich in Vitamin K, C & A and Fibre

• TOMATOES: good for skin, heart, kidneys and eyes

With so many incredible benefits of eating vegetables it’s hard to understand why you wouldn’t be loading your plate with them!

TIP: To save time during the day/week cut up serves of vegetables and store in the fridge until ready to consume. Buy a microwave steamer container and this brings your cooking and preparation time down dramatically