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Banana Bread and Chewy Health Bars

Banana Bread and Chewy Health Bars

Wow it has been quite a while since my last entry. But i promise, i have been cooking in this time.

But enough of this, lets get to the good stuff.

Today, made my favourtie and amazing 3 Ingredient Banana Bread. With a difference, because why not…

So using the base of this recipe of the tin of condensed milk and self raising flour (only 3 cups for this) i have also used 2 frozen bananas, 8-10 frozen strawberries. These where put in the freezer to use for later a few weeks ago so they did not ruin. I have left these on the counter to defrost for about 15 minutes. Then i have added them into my Tupperware Extra Chef, you can use a blender, masher, knife, whatever suits you. I have belended these until a paste.

I have then placed these into a bowl, added the tin of condensed milk and 3 cups of self raising flour. Combined all these with a spatula until mix all comes together.

Today i needed a little extra liquid, so using a Banana and Honey Smoothie Milk box i had in the cupboard being ignored, i have added the entire contents into the bowl and combined the lot to make a smooth semi runny batter. Then final ingredient was 1 cup blueberries, all i had in the fridge.

Finally once mixed i have poured out into 2 lined and oiled (I used Coconut Oil Spray, delicious flavour to the bread) Tupperware Ultrapro Loaf Pans, of course you can use any loaf tins or even use your slow cooker for this.

Into the oven on 180 degrees C with fan for 45 minutes (or low in the slow cooker for 3 hours).

Next, i have whipped up some Chewy Health Bars

These were super easy and very delish. I have followed the recipe for this, but have doubled the recipe to make more.

The only thing i didn’t do was the icing.

This made 27 decent sized pieces.

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