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Chunky Pork and Cider Pie, Strawberry, Oat, Banana Bread & Muesli Bars

Chunky Pork and Cider Pie, Strawberry, Oat, Banana Bread & Muesli Bars

So i have the week off from work to recharge. So what better way to recharge then to cook.

Two days in and i have cooked up a storm already. Thankfully i am busy for the next 2 days so i might just stay away from the kitchen for a bit. Maybe…

So what has been done??

Yesterday i have surprised dad with Lunch. Since he works from home and i was unable to visit him on Sunday for Fathers Day. So i have made a delicious cake and pie.

My favourite pie to make to start with, Chunky Pork and Cider Pie.

Using Pork Leg Schnizel, cut up, spring onions, garlic and potatoes. A bottle of strongbrow cider and traditional gravy mix.

Once all cooked and rested for about 15 minutes i have spooned this mix into shortcrust pastry bases in a pie cooker and then topped with puff pastry rounds and cooked until browned.

This mix has made 16 pies.

Next i have then brought dessert. Something new, Strawberry, Oat, Banana Bread.

So mixing the flours, sugars, bicarb soda and cinnamon together. I have then added 2 small bananas and mashed these through the flour and sugar mixture.

I have then lightly beaten an egg white and added this to the mix and then added in the oil and vanilla. I have carefully added the strawberries and mixed these through.

I have then poured into a slice form and baked for 45 minutes. This was just yum!

Another day, another great big cooking day.

Started with Muesli Bars.

Using an Apple and Hazelnut Oats pack and flour. I have melted the butter, vanilla and golden syrup.

I have added 100g of sultanas, 100g of apricots, cut up and then 10g of coconut. I have then combined all ingredients and poured this into a slice form.

I have baked this for 25 minutes and then allowed to cool for an hour. I have then cut these up into mini bars. This has made about 16 mini bars.

Next, Zucchini Slice.

This i got from a Juice Goodwin cook book and will be added soon.

Using 2 zucchinis, grated. 4 small spring onions, chopped. 5 eggs, flour and oil. I have combines these in a bowl and then poured into a baking paper lined tray.

I have cooked this for an hour until the top has started to brown. I have cut this slice up into 15 bars.

Next, Sausage Rolls.

With the left over pastry from yesterday i have used the puff to make sausage rolls. Using 2 sheets cut in half.

I have combined sausage mince, grated carrot, 4 small spring onions and mixed herbs. I have then spread the filling on on side of each half of pastry.

I have then rolled the pastry up and then cut into small bite sized pieces.

I have cooked these in an oven at 180 degress for about 15-20 minutes.

Lastly, tonight’s dinner. Found a new packet mix in the supermarket yesterday whilst shopping. Maggi One Pan Recipe Base – Chicken, Pumpkin and Baby Spinach.

With this i have cooked the chicken and the diced pumpkin. I have then added the rice.

I have added the water and recipe base as per the recipe and allowed this to cook down before adding the remainder of the liquid.

I have then added the cream and the baby spinach and served.

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